Sexual energy drink - woman


This special sexual supplement for women contains exotic herbs rumored to enhance sexual energy and sensation.This enhancing blend contains ingredients like Damiana and Guarana for energy, well-being, and heightened sensuality and arousal. The beautifully decorated glass tube contains three .25 oz treatments.

Dilute 20ml in water or alcohol 30 minutes before your sexual activity to increase your sexual appetite and sensory stimulation.

Gluten-free, you can kiss your partner with pleasure !

Paraben free, No sugar, Vegan, water based, rinses with water

Type: Herbal Supplement
Volume: 0.75 oz
Other: Award Winner
UPC: 697309069007
Weight: 1.92 Ounces

Ingredients: Damiana, Caramuru, Ashwaganda,Clavo huasca, Guarana, Proprietary ingredients.

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