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Collars and leashes


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One Ring Slave Collar
From 69.99 $
Wide bondage collar
59.99 $
Stitched Italian Leather Leash - 17 inches
48.99 $
Italian Leather Leash - 34 inches
39.99 $
Leather leash
39.99 $
Standard Leather Collar - Black
48.99 $
Heart necklace with lace
79.99 $
Bondage collar with black lace
64.99 $
Bondage collar
From 56.99 $
Necklace with lace
89.99 $

Collars and leashes

Explore the captivating world of our Collars and Leashes collection. Designed for BDSM lovers looking for refinement and intensity, this collection offers elegant and functional accessories that add a new dimension to your power and submission games.

Collection Highlights:

  • Sophisticated and sturdy collars: Each collar is designed to combine aesthetics and durability, perfect for those looking to combine style and functionality. They are made from high quality materials, guaranteeing comfort and resistance.
  • Varied leashes for all tastes: Whether you prefer a classic leather leash or more daring designs, our collection offers a diversity that will satisfy all your desires. We offer corresponding options for a seamless experience.
  • Innovative sexual accessories: In addition to leather accessories, discover a range of complementary sexual accessories that will enrich your BDSM sessions. Each room is designed to optimize pleasure and exploration.
  • Immerse yourself in the sophisticated world of our boutique and let yourself be seduced by our exclusive collections. Whether you're new to the game or experienced, our collection is designed to take your role-playing games to the next level. Explore now and find the perfect accessories to express your deepest desires.
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