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Nipple clamps


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Gold crocodile nipple clamp
39.99 $
Alligator nipple clamps with chain
34.99 $
8 Piece Bondage Set - Nixie
79.99 $
Silver pearl crocodile clip
29.99 $
Crocodile nipple clamp with gold chain
34.99 $
Crocodile nipple clamp with pompom
36.99 $
Nipple clamps with pearl
34.99 $
Nipple clamp with rose gold chain
32.99 $
Crocodile Nipple Clip with Rose Gold Beaded Chain
26.99 $
Rose gold crocodile nipple clamp
34.99 $
Nipple clamps with spring jaws
39.99 $
Clover nipple clamps
39.99 $
Butterfly Nipple Clamps
31.99 $
Nipple clamps with chain
34.99 $

Nipple clamps

Immerse yourself in the refined and exciting world of the Nipple Clamps collection at SexxxPlus. Designed to add a new dimension to your intimate games, these clamps offer a unique sensory experience, combining softness and intensity.

Highlights of the Collection:

  • Variety of Styles and Materials: Explore a diverse range of nipple clamps, from classic designs to more daring options. You will find metal models with silicone tips for safe pleasure.
  • Adjustable and Secure Accessories: Our collection of nipple clamps are designed to provide a perfect fit, ensuring both safety and pleasure. The clamps are adjustable to allow personalized pressure, adapting to your preferences and tolerance thresholds.
  • An Element of Seduction: Enrich your intimate moments with our models of nipple clamps. Use them to intensify the sensations and add a touch of sophistication to your games of seduction.
  • Come discover our refined selection of nipple clamps and transform every intimate moment into an unforgettable experience. Whether you are new to or experienced in the world of BDSM, our BDSM store has something to offer everyone.
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