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Crop - Ouch!
32.79 $40.99 $
Paddle - Ouch!
30.39 $37.99 $
Long whip
84.99 $
Medium metal whisk
99.99 $
Small whip with Sting Falls ring
46.99 $
Small black whip
59.99 $
Medium whisk
54.99 $
Mini leather whip 12 inches black
46.99 $
Suede whip
89.99 $
Double tail leather whip
79.99 $
Cat-O-Nine Tail Whip
89.99 $
Cotton whisk
19.99 $
Leather Wrapped Flogger Beaded Chain
72.99 $


Discover our Whips collection, specially designed for those looking to explore the depths of pleasure and discipline. At SexxxPlus, we believe in the power of the perfect tool to transform every intimate moment into an unforgettable experience. Find the perfect whip for your sensual and wild experiences.

Collection highlights:

  • Variety and quality of materials: Each leather whip is made of genuine leather, ensuring durability and an authentic feel during use. Each whisk is designed to provide the perfect balance of comfort and control.
  • Innovative designs: Whether you are new to or experienced in the world of BDSM, you will find the sex whip that perfectly suits your erotic needs. From classic models to more daring designs, each whip is designed to amplify your sensations and allow you to push your limits.
  • Accessories for a complete experience: In addition to whips, our BDSM store offers a variety of sexual accessories to enrich your role play sessions.
  • Ready to explore the limits of pleasure? Immerse yourself in our collection of whisks and let yourself be guided by passion and discovery. Explore our collection and make every moment an unforgettable adventure.
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