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Plongez dans l'univers SexxxPlus lors de votre soirée Sexparty

Whether you're looking to add an original twist to your party (birthday, bachelorette party, Christmas party...) or simply want some personalized advice on our product range, SexxxPlus offers a demonstration of sensual and erotic products, sexy accessories, games, lotions and performance products, where you and your friends can shop directly with our ambassador in an intimate atmosphere.

Our SexxxPlus ambassador will organize your presentation and answer all your questions.
This service is free and without obligation. What's more, SexxxPlus provides gifts for the evening hostess, the value of which is proportional to the sales achieved. Therefore, the more your friends are drawn to our product offerings during the presentation, the more you benefit.

Benefits for the hostess!

We are frequently asked about the advantages of hosting a SexxxPlus event. There are many. You'll have the opportunity to explore a tempting selection of elegant products, in the intimate and comfortable setting of your own home. You and your guests will enjoy delightful moments in the company of our ambassador. What's more, we'll express our gratitude with hostess bonuses.

As hostess, you'll receive gifts based on the value of the evening's sales. Encourage your friends! 10% to 15% of the evening's sales will be credited towards the purchase of products of your choice!

Benefit from additional discounts, proportional to the amount of purchases made by guests during the presentation.
500 to $999 in sales = 10% credit

1000 to $1499 in sales = 12.5% credit

1500 and over in sales = 15% credit

Minimum total purchase of $400 before taxes and shipping to be eligible for promotional gifts.
Guests attending your SexxxPlus party are eligible to receive gifts with any order of $50 or more (before taxes and delivery charges) from a selection offered by SexxxPlus!
Gifts to create a warm, romantic atmosphere at home, or for a passionate night at the hotel. Enhance your sex life and make exciting discoveries!

Le déroulement de l'événement soirée SexxxPlus

How a SexxxPlus evening event unfolds

During the SexxxPlus at-home evening, each product will be presented to you by our experienced ambassador, through playful games or in-depth explanations. She'll answer all your questions with expertise, anticipating your needs. What's more, she'll provide expert advice on the use of erotic products and sex toys, to enrich your experience and perhaps discover new sensations.
Our SexxxPlus ambassador is committed to providing you with an unforgettable evening of fun and pleasure, in the comfort of your own home. It's a private sex-shop experience, in your own home!
Once the sex toy presentation is over, you and your guests will have the opportunity to shop in private with our SexxxPlus ambassador. What's more, each guest will receive gifts based on the value of their purchases, subject to applicable conditions.

Step 1

Choose your date and register

2nd step

A SexxxPlus specialist in your region will contact you (Availability of the service may vary depending on the region)

Step 3

Invite your friends to your event

Step 4

Relax and get ready to have a good time: Your Ambassador takes care of everything!

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