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Exsens Nipple Sensitizing Cream

Exsens Nipple Sensitizing Cream

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Discover the Oh My Strawberry Nipple Stimulating Cream from the Exsens brand to increase the sensitivity of your nipples and spice up your foreplay!

This delicious cream is very exciting for your nipples. Let your partner take great pleasure in playing with your chest, you will feel a sensation of freshness that will give you shivers with each kiss!

Directions for use: Apply a small amount of cream to the nipples and massage gently for a few minutes. Blow for an even more icy effect.

Oh My Strawberry Nipple Stimulating Cream is kissable, your partner can lick your nipples or even other parts of your body and enjoy a delicious strawberry taste for even more pleasure! Its little strawberry-shaped box can be taken everywhere with you or even serve as a pretty decoration on your bedside table.

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