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Primal stimulating cream for men

Primal stimulating cream for men

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Primal Male Virility Cream is a premium, super charged male virility cream.
This premium, super-charged male virility cream is a natural alternative to essential oils that fuel the male libido. Unleash your animal within you.

Primal provides a feeling of control and confidence and can be applied at any time by men of any age. Once applied, it's hard to ignore what you have under your belt.

Intensely sensual
Lasting pleasure
Apply anytime
Compatible with condoms
No pills or chemicals needed
For male arousal and much more
slashClimb the walls? Primal Male Virility Cream stirs your primal core, leaving you erotically charged and ready for action.

When your partner is ready and willing, or when you are alone and need some self-release, apply a small amount of Primal to your penis to enjoy instant sensations. Active ingredients absorb quickly and work directly to provide a feeling of warmth, tingling and sexual energy

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