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Fuck Water Water-Based Lubricant

Fuck Water Water-Based Lubricant

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Our Non-Friction Water-Based Lubricant from FuckWater provides a silky, non-greasy sensation, and prolongs your sexual pleasure games.

Its water-based formula is designed to slide and flow easily, with an exceptional level of lubrication to satisfy your intense sexual needs.

This lubricating gel will provide perfect lubrication, silky and smooth, without friction, this personal lubricant is formulated for intimate pleasure.

Non-Friction is glycerin-free, does not dry out and never sticks, ensuring quality and long-lasting pleasure, making it perfect for men and women.

Because it's paraben-free, it's among the safest when it comes to personal lubricants, so you can buy it without fear.

Compatible with oral sex, it will be the ally of all your pleasures alone or as a couple.

Non-friction is not greasy and does not stain.

It makes penetration more comfortable.

This lubricant is compatible with condoms.

Non-friction, reduces friction without removing the spark of pleasure.

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