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Id Glide Water-Based Lubricant

Id Glide Water-Based Lubricant

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Our best-selling product, ID Glide gives you all the glide you could ask for in a water-based lubricant!

Use it during intimate moments between you and your partner for an exceptional sensual experience.

Use it by yourself and enjoy your own happy moments while freeing yourself from stress.

Use it on your toys and enhance the sensation for a more enjoyable time.

This lube is good to use in just about any sexual encounter you might find yourself in.

Looking for the best water-based personal lubricant?

Glide is by far the best water-based lube option for intimate moments.

ID Glide is compatible with condoms because the formula that makes it up has been rigorously tested to ensure condom compatibility.

Having undergone such extensive testing ensures that this lubricant will not negatively affect latex or polyurethane products like condoms.

This also means it is safe to use with your favorite adult toys.

Plus, it can easily be reactivated with a drop of water or saliva if it starts to dry out.

Worrying about stains is not a problem, as this lubricant has been designed not to leave unseemly stains.

Glide is your one-stop shop for anything that needs the perfect amount of glide in the bedroom.

Our company has worked diligently on this product and even had it approved as an FDA 510K medical device.

This means that our product has been manufactured to such a high standard that it can even be used in a doctor's office.

The benefits of having a lubricant manufactured to such standards are numerous, like knowing you are using the best product on the market.

You know you're getting a quality product when you choose ID.

ID Glide is here to glide you into place!

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