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Masturbator Plus Perfect Ass Masturbator PDX

Masturbator Plus Perfect Ass Masturbator PDX

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (okay, it's not particularly long or far away, but that intro works for everything!), our friends at Pipedream blew us all away with an ultra-real replica masturbators in a magically realistic material called Fanta Flesh. And then, they continued on their way!

Now, a lot of these onaholes are big. And we're talking about a pseudo-life-size giant. Extreme fantasy achievement, great. They're amazing at home, but not really travel-friendly. Enter the perfect PDX Plus ass! This fluffy, spanking, back-style treat is just as realistic, just as enjoyable and much more portable. The Perfect Ass could potentially fit in a backpack, and it will definitely be safe in a suitcase.

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