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Nipple clamps with spring jaws

Nipple clamps with spring jaws

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Experience intense pleasure with our 'nipple clamps'. They tighten on your nipples, increasing sensitivity and providing maximum erotic satisfaction.
Our 'sexual nipple clamps' have a clamping force. This fine-tuning provides a personalized experience, outperforming similar products on the market.
Don't hesitate to try our 'nipple stimulator'. Whether you're a 'nipple toy' connoisseur or a beginner, you'll definitely enjoy these terminals.
Not only are our 'sm nipple clamps' stylish, they are also designed for pleasure and pain, turning every intimate moment into a memorable experience.
FOPS is a brand dedicated to quality. Each 'female breast clamp' is carefully packaged to ensure safe and discreet delivery. Trust FOPS for an unparalleled erotic experience.

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